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Customer Notice

We are very sad to announce that unfortunately after 10 years of trading, Hamiltons Herbal Cigarettes will be closing. Over the last 2 to 3 years we have seen a huge increase in not only gross product costs but delivery and general operating costs, whilst we have tried every effort not to increase our product prices, this has unfortunately made our margins exceptionally small and we are therefore no longer able to provide our product and make a profit.

This decision has not been easy to make but unfortunately it is the only decision in which we have. We have managed to obtain a small volume of stock from our supplier however this has been at a significantly higher price; therefore we have had to increase our product sale price. We will not be taking anymore orders after 29th February 2020 unless there is stock still available.   

We would like to take this time to thank every single one of our customers over the years and we really hope that we have been able to help people quit smoking and more importantly change their life.      

About The Brand

Hamiltons Premium Gold Herbal Cigarettes were first established in June 2010. Since then the brand has grown rapidly and is now many people’s first choice of Herbal Cigarettes. They contain a variety of naturally dried herbs including rose petals and selected fine leaves which are gently blended with marshmallow flavouring; together this produces a distinctive full flavour cigarette providing a silky texture and a smooth mellow finish all smokers love.

Quit Smoking

Hamiltons Premium Gold herbal cigarettes are in our opinion and from thousands of satisfied customers the No. 1 aid to help quit smoking as they contain no tobacco or nicotine, but still provide the smoker with all of the benefits of a normal cigarette.

They work by gradually weaning you off the addiction of Nicotine and the taste of Tobacco until you eventually become non- addictive to the substances. There are many benefits of quitting smoking such as saving you money, improving your health and leading a better lifestyle.

Theatrical Stage Props

Hamiltons Premium Gold Herbal Cigarettes have now become the No.1 choice for many theatre and production companies within both the UK and Europe for usage in live plays, theatre productions and also TV productions. Due to the realistic design of the cigarettes and packaging, they make the perfect "fake cigarette" prop whilst at the same time allowing actors to smoke them without the risk of becoming addictive to smoking due to being completely Tobacco and Nicotine free.

Hamiltons are supplied to a vast amount of TV and production companies including the BBC and ITV and they certainly hold a very reputable name within the production industry. 

For more information on Hamiltons Herbal Cigarettes and to find out more about our bulk order discounts, please contact us directly and we will respond to your enquiry within 1 to 2 business working days.  


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